Every year, each model of Cadillac undergoes an upgrade. Sometimes the car is tweaked; sometimes it’s a significant overhaul.


In 2014, Alderson Cadillac’s entire facility underwent an upgrade of spectacular proportions, and we want you—the
people who made it happen and the people for whom it happened—to be among the first to see the final results.


For 40 years, Alderson’s BMW and Cadillac franchises prospered together at 19th Street and Avenue K. But both have experienced such growth in recent years, they deserved their own “room.” Alderson BMW migrated one block east, and the Cadillac-exclusive complex received extensive renovations. The resulting transformation is impressive, befitting the luxury automobiles we carry and the superior West Texas customers we serve.


We refinished the building’s exterior, and the showroom and sales offices sparkle and shine after an update to the flooring, lighting, and décor. But perhaps what will be especially alluring to our Most Valuable People is the exclusive Cadillac service lounge, parts boutique, and customer reception area. Highlights of the space include Wi-Fi access and flat screen televisions, so you don’t have to worry about missing a thing; plush furniture in which to relax or work; and complimentary beverages from the Isetta Bar. We want your time with us will be comfortable, productive, and enjoyable.

We hope you’ll join our staff in celebrating the Alderson Cadillac Facility Make-Over!