Alderson Lexus New website re-design


At Lexus, our mission is to provide you with superior products, service, and connection when you stop by our showroom, service bay, and lobby. Now, we provide you that same commitment when you visit us online. Our revamped website combines dealer expertise with best digital practices to furnish you the ultimate luxury shopping experience.


Our new site has been designed around the way you think and shop. Whether you drop in from your smart phone, your tablet, or your computer, you will experience in cyberspace what you’ve come to expect from our physical space: responsiveness, consistency, and convenience.


Let’s start with where you’ll start online: our home page. On one screen you have access to everything the site offers. Schedule service. Check out our specials. Browse our inventory. Consult Lexpert for a question about your vehicle. It’s all right at your fingertips!


Do you have the new-car itch? The site features photos galore that show the interior and exterior of each model from multiple angles—just as if you were looking at the vehicles in person. You also can check out every color option available.


Looks are one thing, but how does it perform? Your virtual sales staff contains every specification of every vehicle regarding engine, performance, drive train, and chassis. Compare horsepower, fuel economy, acceleration, wheels and tires—even, if you’re so inclined, torque, aerodynamic drag coefficient, and displacement.


Can’t quite decide what you want? Play with the build-your-vehicle feature. Our innovative drag-and-drop functionality allows you to choose among colors, packages, and accessories, assembling the car of your dreams. We’ve even taken the guesswork about what we have in stock with the inventory tab, which takes you straight to our database of vehicles we have on



We hope you enjoy our new state-of-the art website.