Breadth of choice. Depth of character.

Distinct personalities and distinctive details set the eager Sport Sedans, the elegant Luxury Sedans and the exotic AMG Sedan of the C‑Class apart from each other. But it’s their shared family values that makes them stand out from any other car in their class. Each of them matches purebred performance with pedigreed refinement. They’ve earned the industry’s highest ratings for safety and retained value. And every one of them is generous with thoughtful amenities, advanced innovations and comforting luxuries. No matter which of the 2014 C‑Class Sedans fits your personality best, their common traits make them uncommonly rewarding.

Postmodern style. Preeminent substance.

Its furnishings advance the state of the art, predicting a new era of connectedness between you and the road, and with your world. Its timeless finishes reflect a devotion to quality generations deep.

Slices through curves. Cuts no corners.

A Mercedes-Benz coupe is never a mere cut-down sedan. In style and substance, the C‑Class Coupe carves a niche all its own. Its sport-tuned suspension comes alive in curves. Toned muscle defines every contour of its sleek body. An exclusive Panorama roof brightens its four-seat cockpit. And even with its attainable value, its long list of innovations — from safety to entertainment — meet the seemingly unattainable standards that earn it the Star in its grille. As coupes go, the C‑Class is a cut above.

Racing spirit. Rousing support.

For a racecar, every corner is a test of its mettle. With every curve in the road, and in every corner of its cockpit, the C-Class Coupe holds its own with gripping enthusiasm.


Racing fans know the excitement of cheering on their favorite drivers as they brake into each corner, nail the apex, and power out. It’s a choreography of traction, torque and tenacity — both the driver’s and the car’s — that turns tense muscle into elegant motion.


From any seat in a C-Class Coupe, it quickly becomes clear where its inspiration came from. In the Mercedes-Benz coupe tradition, the cabin feels as if the car was built around its four individual seats. Aggressive bolsters add support in corners, and lasting comfort on road trips. Each of the shapely seatbacks incorporates the head restraint as an integral part of its design — true to its racing roots.


Performance art. signed by the artist.

Mounted atop every AMG engine is a small plaque bearing the signature of the single technician who crafted it by
hand. More than a crown jewel of racing royalty, it authenticates a philosophy that’s been the driving force behind championship racecars for 46 years.


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