Construction Fully Underway at Alderson Mercedes-Benz.


Here we are in September, and construction on the Mercedes-Benz Service Department is in full-swing! We know this is challenging for our clients, and we want to thank you for your patience during this process. Here are some pictures of the current construction -- this is a very exciting time for Alderson Mercedes-Benz, and you will be thrilled with the finished product!


Above is a picture of Monte and his temporary office, which is a small trailer in the back parking lot behind the dealership located on 18th street between Texas Avenue and Avenue J. When you come for service, please pull up to the trailer and walk right in. Monte and Kelli will be there to assist you.


We are on track to have all of the construction completed by mid-September. Please consider when filling out your service survey that this construction is temporary and is being done to benefit our clients.


We appreciate your business and look forward to having a facility that will highlight the beautiful Mercedes-Benz products and be much more suited to our Mercedes-Benz owners.