SZ Alderson Advocate 2014 Employee

Employee spotlight:
Monty eBlEiNG


As assistant service manager for Alderson Mercedes-Benz, it makes perfect sense that Monte Ebeling is very excited about the upgrades to the facility at which he and his team perform maintenance on Alderson customer vehicles.

“It will feature a covered service drive, and everything within the addition will be new and updated,” he said.

Monte is a service provider at heart. He began his career in the auto industry in sales at another dealership, but he didn’t enjoy the job. He’s been in service ever since—for 15 years now—first working for the former owners and then transitioning into the Alderson Auto Group after it acquired the Mercedes-Benz dealership.


“I love dealing with customers,” he explained. “It fits
my personality.”


He appreciates working for Alderson for two reasons. One, they trust him and his approach on how to provide the great service Alderson Mercedes-Benz customers have come to expect. Two, it is a family business that understands the meaning of family.


And family is very important to Monte. The Plainview native has been married to his wife, Tamra, for 23 years. The couple has two daughters: Kynsey, 17, and Kyndell, 12. In addition to playing base and keyboards in a band, he enjoys traveling with the trio of women who keep his home life hopping!